The Adventures Of Ashley B.

“God is the Lord. And He has given us light…” (Psalm 118:27)


Recently, I experienced a confrontational situation. When unforeseen circumstances turned into a heated discussion it resulted in a stranger being degraded and belittled. I made the choice to speak up on behalf of this stranger. It’s not in my character to sit by while someone is being treated poorly, even if it was at the discretion of a friend.  Suffice it to say, the person I care about began directing their attention and speaking angrily towards me.

When you’re in a crowd that just witnessed you speak out, you’ve just drawn a line in the sand that there is no turning back from. It is then up to them to either (a) love, respect and accept you for who you are, or (b) choose to dislike you, maybe even hate you for your convictions. Sometimes, just the very…

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