Steps to restoring America

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Step 1 get back to the BASICs

B believe that GOD exists and His son Jesus died on the cross because he loves us all
A accept JESUS into your heart and repent of your sins and turn from what is ungodly
S start putting God back into everything and don’t leaving Him out of anything
I inspire others to live for God not Satan
C clean up the government by removing people who go against God and His word and put people who cares about what God wants then too do and will put God back in what they are doing

Step 2 put a safety plan in place

S secure a godly foundation where government is not allowed to go against God when making laws or rulings
A accept only godly people for government offices who will not try yo make laws or rulings that goes against God
F fully rely on God too help you make decisions
E encourage life not taking peoples lives by killing unborn babies if you don’t want the babies give them up for adoption someone will want them but don’t just kill them the bible says “thou shalt not kill” its one of His ten commandments
T take time for God and helping others

Y yield to God let God be first in everything

Step 3 put Love back in place

L love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor God’s kind of love
O obey God and His word live by it
V verify everything with God’s word and pray about it to see if God would approve of it before you do something
E encourage one another to do what is right in God’s eyes

Step 4 stay pure

P purity stay true to God, your family and friends
U uphold Christian values in everyday life
R remember that with out God we would not be here for God created the universe and everything that lives in it
E embrace God the bible and prayer in the government in public schools



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America has a problem.
I have the solution
stop your sin , turn to me and live for me ,and ask me
I have the answer

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