You know people wonder if there is a God or not or if he cares about people. I say yes just look around you nothing came by chance and the Big Bang Theory no the only big bang is God says something and it happens!!! something happening for no reason don’t make sense how did the Big Bang so called happen with those gases its so-called collided and cause anything to just all of a sudden happen out of nowhere it didn’t just happen for no reason God said Let there be light and there was light. God created everything there is no way around it. look at me for a  example I should not even be alive because when I was 9 years old I was in an auto accident and was told by the emergency personnel that the seat belt should have killed me they don’t have any idea how I live through it but I told them that I do because God saved me!!!! i came out of it with only a cut on my head that needed staple. they said that the reason the seat belt should have killed me is because how the seat belt was in the car and the height I was it should have snapped my neck or cut it and bled to death before  they got there so see if there wasn’t a God then I wouldn’t be alive today. people think it’s just luck it isn’t .it’s God and in his angels watch over us all everyday sometimes it’s our time to go sometimes it isn’t, only God knows but when its not your time God is protecting you just like he did me in the accident but when it’s time for us to go you need to be ready to meet God if your not ready then you need to get ready so accept Jesus as your Savior and repent of your sins turn from evil because no one knows if you’ll ever have another day to live. God loves you even if  you don’t  feel it.
please take what I have said and believe it there is a God because he is there he does love everyone and another thing take a look at your body for example look at all the stuff to keep your body alive stuff inside there had to be someone that designed that and make it where you can live if anything in the earth or your body was not in proper order life as we know it  would be no longer able to exist.